the bedroom floor needs a transition strip or someone needs to show me why not. it is going to cause a problem
Jean Ethridge
On time
Tk Mavu
Price, Punctuality, Follow Up
shazia khan
I got new floors installed and I liked the fact the sis got all 3 bedrooms, a hallway and a Beth room in 2 days. They cleaned up throughly after they were done and everything looked great!
Carolina Bimonte
Friend that flooring done
The entire experience was wonderful! Michael, the salesman, was always available for every questions and concern and showed up on both days of the install. The installation team was courteous, professional, and performed amazing flawless work. We are very very please that we chose Floor Coverings International. We will call on them again for future renovations and will definitely recommend their services. Thank you!
Marty Wildes
To start off the kind professionalism and all individuals involved were amazing. The products to choose from were available to view at your own home and easy to pick out at the comfort of your own home. The installers were also extremely Kind and easy to work with and the products quickly placed and the outcome is truly amazing. I Would choose this company again for other projects.
Jose Garces
Everyone was very professional starting with Michael who knew all about the products and advantage and disadvantages of each. The installation guys were very hard workers and it was obvious they knew what they were doing. We had a couple issues with doors,which Mike noted on final inspection. The installation guy came back and corrected both promptly.
Luther Lord
I was very excited when I first started this project I set down with Owen Kachaje, and we discussed exactly what I wanted, my husband is a truck driver and was not there, he told me to pick whatever I wanted. Owen wrote up the plans and we agreed: I wanted the box out soap dish and also the pull door for my shower to make it more modern. Well when Owen and his crew actually came to do the work, I was out of town, so my husband was there with them, and my husband just assumed that whatever me and Owen discussed was what was going to be installed, when I got home from my trip, I was happy to see the tiled shower, but very upset that Owen had installed soap dishes and not the cut out box, and also sliding glass doors and not the pull door, Owen had changed the design totally and not even contacted me to see if it was okay. The work on my shower was performed on June 2nd and I contacted Owen as soon as I returned from my trip on June 5th, to tell him that 2 parts of the design was incorrect. Owen had agreed to change out the door, but every time I contacted him about doing it, it was always some excuse, and to make matters worse he wanted me to pay more to help him fix the problem he had created. I kept trying to work with Owen on the matter since June, mind you having a sliding door is not the end of the world but it just was not what I wanted, and I settled for the soap dish he had messed up, but I wanted him to fix the glass shower doors and he kept giving me the run around. The last time I contacted Owen on August 24th, I asked if he would just give me 1/2 of my money back for what I paid for the door. I only settled for 1/2 because he told me if he give me all of my money back he would have to come and take the shower door away, and obviously we needed the door. So to make a long story short I am not totally pleased with how the project was completed, to me Owen did not listen to me as his customer or respect what I wanted, I do like the way the shower looks which is why I gave it a 1, but this is not what Owen and I discussed. I would not recommend Owen to anyone because I would not want anyone to have to go through what I went through. As a customer there should not have been a question as to correcting a problem that he created.
Alicesteno Harris
Our daughter loves the new floor in her bedroom! Owen was great to work with on this project!
Patrick Gudger