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Berber is not a brand of carpet or a carpet material, although it is often mistaken for these. It is actually a term used to refer to a particular type of carpet weave utilizing a loop pile construction. As opposed to cut pile varieties of carpet, where open-ended threads extend out from the carpet’s backing fabric, loop pile construction keeps all thread ends connected to the backing fabric. This creates a durable carpet surface that stands up well to years of use and abuse, and one that also resists showing markings from footprints and vacuums.


The ‘berber’ name is actually derived from the Berber people of North Africa who continue to make hand-woven carpets (or rugs) in their traditional style to this day. Although modern manufacturing techniques are now used to create beautiful wall-to-wall versions of this long-time classic, the distinguished heritage of berber and the many benefits it provides as a flooring option remain.


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Berber offers timeless style and due to its distinctive qualities it has become a very popular carpeting option in the Lawrenceville, Norcross area, and around the country. It is especially suitable for high-traffic areas such as commercial offices, hotels, and schools because of its superior durability, stain resistance, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Berber is also a relatively inexpensive carpet variety, which has helped solidify it as one of America’s favorite carpets. Chances are you have walked on a few different examples of berber in the last few days.


While traditional Berber carpets are woven from sheep wool or camel hair, modern varieties are available that utilize not only natural wool, but also artificial materials such as nylon and olefin (polypropylene), which have become common carpet materials in the last few decades. Although these man-made materials are less expensive, the wool variety of berber still provides the best versatility and durability.


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Photo Credit: Weerapong Pumpradit, Katherine E. Knecht