Carpet can be an ideal flooring option for homeowners in Lawrenceville and Norcross.   Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Lawrenceville have vast experience in helping our clients choose and install the perfect carpet for their homes. Thinking about which flooring type is the best fit for your room? Consider these carpet benefits.

 carpet variety


We get it. Sometimes you just need to change things up. Carpet gives you an endless variety of styles and colors. Carpet can instantly add a color infusion to a dull-looking room.   Carpet runners can also spice up a room for a fraction of the price and effort.


It’s probably the number-one complaint of homeowners with hard flooring surfaces. “It’s soooo cold on my feet!” Well, there’s good news! Here is carpet to the rescue! There’s nothing like sinking your bare feet into some carpet fibers on a cold winter day. This is why carpet is especially popular in bedrooms and living rooms.


Ever watch a movie but have trouble hearing the audio? Chances are, your hard surface floors are creating a reverberation effect on the acoustics of your room. Carpet can help remedy this problem. Many apartment complexes also install carpet in the upper units to help with noise reduction.


If you suffer from allergies, carpet can do wonders to mitigate pollens and other air particles. Carpet fibers are naturally constructed to catch these particles to keep them out of the air and out of your body.


Which carpet companies are most popular? Some of the most popular are Mohawk carpets, Atlas carpets, Shaw carpets, DuPont carpets, and Stainmaster carpets. We carry a wide variety of carpet brands and will help you select the carpet to fit your need and budget.


Give our experts at Floor Coverings International Lawrenceville a call for your carpet installation needs. We proudly serve the Lawrenceville and Norcross areas.


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