Area Rugs


At Floor Coverings International Lawrenceville we know that area rugs are a great way to help make a house feel like a home. They add comfort, warmth, and beauty to any room. They’re the perfect combination of functionality and style while showcasing your personal taste.

Endless Options

There are an incredible amount of options when choosing a new area rug if you know where to look. Area rugs are created to fit every budget and style. There are eco-friendly wool area rugs as well as hand-woven and knitted area rugs. There are area rugs in any color and almost any pattern you can dream up. Then you also have such options as traditional, contemporary, modern, and novelty.

How do you choose the perfect area rug?

First you need to decide if it’s meant to serve a purpose or just add style to the room. If the rug is intended to protect your furniture from scratching the floors, then you need large area rugs that will cover the entire space and are thick enough to withstand heavy furniture. After that, it’s time to choose a texture and color to match your room.

If the area rug isn’t meant to be protective and is just intended to be a beautiful element of your home, then it’s ok to choose color, style, and pattern over functionality and durability. If the rug is being purchased to cover cold tile and give your pets a warm place to lie down, then your priority in a rug should be warmth, thickness, and durability. It varies with every situation.

Our Expert Team

Finding the perfect area rug is hard! There are so many things to consider while still finding a rug that is visually appealing and that matches your decor. Instead of driving from store to store in frustration looking for the area rug to fit all of your needs, call your Floor Coverings International in Lawrenceville and our experts will help you locate an area rug that’s a great match for your needs and home.



Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan